Elearning Heroes Challenge #100


The excellent Articulate community’s weekly challenge had me reaching for my camera. I’ve long had the idea of using my own photos for a challenge, so I jumped at the chance.

The Challenge

This week’s challenge was to visualise ‘before and after’ comparisons. A quick Google for inspiration and I found my subject the American Prohibition. After finding the stats I needed I started to think of visualising this important part of history.

The props

The idea in my head popped like a champagne cork! A painting we have hanging in the kitchen and a wine glass full and empty would set the before and after off nicely. Two snaps later I was in Powerpoint


Click the image here to view the presentation

glass full

Impressed with Prezi


As an Open Source Software champion I use Impress for my presentations but recently have tried Prezi’s online offerings and have got to say I am more than impressed even with my 1st attempt. Anyone else had the same 1st impression? See the link below to view my 1st attempt. Feedback more than welcome.