Part 3: Instructional Design For Good

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It’s been a busy week for me work-wise so I’ve concentrated all my course work into the weekend. Which I’m glad I did because there’s a lot of content to take in. Hats off to the team who’ve created the course it has a nice flow to it.

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Module 1 : Identify with your learners

  “it’s been emotional”

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Know your learners’

Module 1 started with a vital part of what an I.D. does. Know your learners. The module had some marvellously written learner persona’s  and one stood out from the crowd that had my empathy kicking into overdrive, got me all emotional and had me rooting for her to do well. (I do like a good story!)

(In my experience as a Trainer and Learning Mentor getting to know the people you’re developing training for is vital to understanding where they are and how to get them where they want to be. This is especially true for distance training as I found out when assessing the I.T. skill levels of a team of orthodontists.)

Once I’d read her story, I felt myself filling in the blanks of her learning and imagined ways helping her complete her studies.

Jamie-Ann (Assessment and Outcomes)

Jamie Ann is an eager learner. She doesn’t like a classroom setting, and struggles to tolerate teachers and groups. She enjoys reading. She lacks focus.

My recommendations
Jamie Ann, would benefit from a blended approach of e-learning and reading, a Learning Mentor/ Coach would offer support and provide encouragement to complete her studies.


Next up: Module 2
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Part 1:Instructional design for Adult Education

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The Course:

I saw a post on Linked In asking for people interested in instructional design to work on a MOOC to develop a course in the basic adult education sector for Maths and English. Great! everybody wins. I get a real world I.D. experience, the Adult Educators get an OER course to CCRS (College and Career readiness standards)  and the learner gets a course for free.

My First impressions

  • The course is being run on the Canvas network which looks great and is very intuitive
  • The authoring tool Open Author looks great I can’t wait to use that! very exciting!!
  • It should take about 40 hours to complete and so is a nice side project to get my I.D. teeth into
  • It’s for a non-profit educator which suits my Open Source business ideals
  • It looks a fun project to do!!

adult learn zone

The Course project

The course is aimed at supporting adult learners who have not completed high school and is to CCRS standards and I can chose from the topics below (decisions,decisions!!)

English Language Arts and Literacy, including History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical subjects, and

It’s being created on Open Author with which you can create OER courses. I can’t wait to get started creating more courses with that. Ideas are bouncing around in my head already

  1. Intro to Libre office
  2. Gimp essentials
  3.  plus a few more quite possibly aimed at the Charity sector


Part 2 will continue my journey creating a course in the wonderful world of Instructional Design