Reusing Powerpoint animations in elearning

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Re-using Powerpoint slides when creating elearning can be a valuable way of saving time and reducing costs, especially when you’re on a deadline. This is especially true if your course requires some animation or motion paths to liven up your content (and which Instructional Designer doesn’t want to do that!). I also think this is a particular handy way of setting common themes for modules within an elearning course. The learner gets used to seeing the animation but is not bored by it as it has changed.

I’ve done a short screen capture explaining how quickly animations and Motion Paths can be changed for reuse.

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My cinemagraph (gif type video) for elearning


The excellent Articulate elearning community was set a challenge #95 to create a video background for an elearning course. I looked at the awesome examples done by the community and was inspired to have a go myself.

My idea

One of the videos entered was a cinemagraph. (A short GIF type video that repeats. But you can set only part of the whole image to move and freeze the rest) This is what I wanted to create

The shoot

I wanted to do something original and I am currently creating a course for a local business forum and decided to incorporate the cinemagraph  of a local market scene. The shoot went perfectly coming back with a few decent choices. I used a Canon digital camera that can shoot movies and a tripod (which I heartily recommend). I wouldn’t set any auto-focus either you lose the first few seconds whilst the camera zoom settles down.

The Edit

This was the fun bit, selecting which portion of the image to freeze and which to move and repeat. I recommend having a bout 7-10 seconds as you want the viewer to find what NOT moving and what is and then take in the effect.

Here’s my attempt

cinemagraph still


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How to create your own infographics for elearning


Hi, creating your own infographics when creating an e-learning course gives you great creative freedom. You will no longer have to waste time searching through stock catalogues to find a suitable image that fits what your trying to get across.

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Click image to view the You Tube

With all this in mind I’ve created a short You Tube video to share how I created my own infographics using the excellent Libre Office Impress.

Libre Office Impress!

Yes, most Instructional designers will use Microsoft’s PowerPoint. But Libre Office Impress has much of the same functionality and after viewing a few other You Tubes, you don’t have to press as many keys to get the same thing done.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial

bespoke artwork in elearning

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In this post I hope to create a discussion around unique artwork/ images in elearning. Have you ever done numerous (and often fruitless) searches through stock catalogues? Then had to ‘make do’ with alternative images that changed your storyboard from what you initially conceived? Most instructional designers are creative thinkers and multi taskers, but are they artists? Looking at most of the course samples on the excellent e-learning heroes website the majority are proficient in powerpoint graphics but not many contain unique/ bespoke artwork. (see below)

point people



But why not get exactly what you want? Here at Opensoft Training we can provide unique artwork to suit your needs. Meet Nora,(see below) the shopkeeper from our latest elearning course for a local business forum. Try bespoke artwork for your next elearning course

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