Pantone’s colour for 2016


ELH Challenge #111

This last challenge of the year was to create a template using Pantone’s colour of the year 2016

View Powerpoint here:

ELH 111

I set myself a time challenge also to get it done on time. (to save the poor moderator’s fingers!)

View the Powerpoint here


I had a few ideas floating around before I had that light bulb Eureka moment.

Use the colours as filters / Bucket fill a flower

But the challenge was to create a template so I went for an angular design that could separate and highlight the text sections.

ELH 111

The placing of the rectangles leads the eye to the character and the space for the bio. Notice the header texts do the same.

8 bit art

I am a fan of 8 bit characters and have used some I created here from a medical module. I much prefer using original artwork than lame stock images.





E-learning Heroes Challenge #110

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1st screen wordpressStar Wars!!

Oh boy! I went to the cinema to see the first 3 Star Wars films (showing my age, there) so this was a challenge I simply had to accept. Almost everyone is familiar with the series and its characters /scenes etc so there’s a myriad of options to pick from. But I had to choose only one (shame!)

The inspiration

I wanted to more than just a trivial game I felt my entry needed to be educational in a real sense. The setting would be in the Star Wars universe but the learning would be on planet Earth.

Start Wars Bar and I.D.’s

I hope you’ve seen the original films and know about the famous bar scene. If not check the link here


Basically it’s a rough gin joint fun of unusual aliens and rough types. This was to be my setting for a bar security/ doorman/bouncer to check a stormtrooper’s I.D. and the learner has to spot the fake.

Click on the link to view the sample





E-learning showing conversation

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E-learning Heroes Challenge #105

This week’s challenge was to find creative ways to show dialogue in e-learning. Which lit my creative side

The idea

I had plenty of ideas for this challenge but I had to whittle it down to one.

Ticker Tape – scrolling dialogue at the bottom of the screen

Translation – Two sentences in different languages

Subtext – Speech bubble for dialogue. Loose text for the thought.

But the winner was

Subtitles- The type you see on T.V. for the hard of hearing.

bbc subtitles

The Design

I set myself an extra challenge which was to shrink the working area by using a mobile phone template. With space at a premium the dialogue had to be snappy. A busy workplace setting sprang to mind. I used text and audio to set the scene.

wordpress promo subtitle

The Result

I coloured the text for each character to help the reader identify who is saying what and used left and right placement to reinforce this.

Having the text pop-up also helped with identification and reading.

Click the image below to view the sample

wordpress promo


E-learning Heroes Challenge #106 Design an e-learning cereal box

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Breakfast cereal don’t get my taste buds going, but this challenge certainly got my creative juices flowing. The wonderful community at Articulate had a great idea to create a cereal box with an e-learning theme. The learning industry is awash with buzzwords all promoting the latest fad, so I went with a new one, which, is also a good one.

Cognitive Overload

‘Thin slices’ created by expert Stephen Myers, explains single-concept learning, where the learner is given information one concept at a time, to help information overload.

Box creation

Once I had chosen ‘Thin slices’ and cognitive overload, I soon had the idea of the look I wanted. The longest bit was get the colour scheme and finding a font that suited the design.


I used Powerpoint for the background and shapes.

Dafont is an excellent font resource. I used  ‘Cut the Crap’ !

Cereal box ELH


I wasn’t overly happy with the image above it didn’t feel cereal enough.

Here’s my updated effort. With more of a story feel to it

cog overlord

Medical Template Challenge for Elearning Heroes #69


Following on from previous posts I’m continuing the medical theme. The excellent Articulate community ran a challenge to create a medical elearning template so elearning creators are more industry specific in their portfolios.

I love a creative challenge, but I needed some medical info to create something. A quick-ish Google and I found what I was looking for.

A generous member of the Elearning Heroes community shared some medical images. This speeded up the creation of the template no end.

I used Gimp (open source photo editor) and Powerpoint to edit the images. I wanted the nurse and the patient to have a different look and a different space to help the learner take themselves  a step back from the scenario.

Have a look at the module here( click on the image)

escaltion q slide

PowerPoint Template for eLearning


I’ve been using Powerpoint and Libre Impress more often recently to create elearning and that means creating and editing templates. So I set myself the task of creating a template for a specific industry. I did a little research on the excellent Articulate’s elearning community webpages and found my inspiration. (See below)

circle lift

This template was nice and clean with a simple (but effective) slide transition.

Colour Scheme

I had been story boarding a few ideas around in Powerpoint with the different colours that hospital departments have in the NHS (Britain’s national health service)

NHS Storyboard idea

but wasn’t happy with how the image/ text placeholders were fitting.


Then I had a light bulb moment. I saw how I could take inspiration from the Articulate example and make it my own with a medical twist (no pun intended) using the helix dna shape whilst incorporating the department colour scheme idea I had previously.

medical template update

I’m making the template downloadable and free to use. Click on the image to access the .PPTX

Let me know what you think.


From PowerPoint Deck to interactive Elearning

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This post will show you how I created an interactive elearning module from a fairly dry and overlong Powerpoint Deck.

To view the finished sample:

The source deck

I found this Powerpoint on the web and thought it could do with some TLC. The presentation is 65 slides on health & safety in the workplace. The subject matter is important but the style and design of the presentation had me sliding down my chair at around slide 30.SLF 2

The solution

I took the main information from the aim of the deck (awareness of hazards in the workplace) and started to design an interactive module. PowerPoint delivers information a linear fashion, but I wanted the learner to have choices on how to view the course information, but NOT to skip any. I used Adobe Captivate to create this decision branching effect.

The development tools

I wanted to keep the info and some images in PowerPoint then use the interactive power of Adobe Captivate to create an engaging learning experience. I customised a Powerpoint template from the excellent Elearning Heroes community. I added the following elements from within Adobe Captivate

Text to voice

Insert a You Tube

Cartoon character

Next Buttons

Drag and drop


This is a lot to add in to a six slide module, but I wanted to show how you can ‘lift’ a boring slideshow into an interactive and engaging elearning experience.

view it here :


Elearning Heroes Challenge #100


The excellent Articulate community’s weekly challenge had me reaching for my camera. I’ve long had the idea of using my own photos for a challenge, so I jumped at the chance.

The Challenge

This week’s challenge was to visualise ‘before and after’ comparisons. A quick Google for inspiration and I found my subject the American Prohibition. After finding the stats I needed I started to think of visualising this important part of history.

The props

The idea in my head popped like a champagne cork! A painting we have hanging in the kitchen and a wine glass full and empty would set the before and after off nicely. Two snaps later I was in Powerpoint


Click the image here to view the presentation

glass full

Reusing Powerpoint animations in elearning

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Re-using Powerpoint slides when creating elearning can be a valuable way of saving time and reducing costs, especially when you’re on a deadline. This is especially true if your course requires some animation or motion paths to liven up your content (and which Instructional Designer doesn’t want to do that!). I also think this is a particular handy way of setting common themes for modules within an elearning course. The learner gets used to seeing the animation but is not bored by it as it has changed.

I’ve done a short screen capture explaining how quickly animations and Motion Paths can be changed for reuse.

reuse wordpress

Click to see You Tube video

Online Course Weight Loss Plan


Thanks for sharing these great points

eLearning Frenzy

Online Course Weight Loss Plan Banner

There are many good reasons to keep your course from growing too big for its own britches. A large course could impact your student’s learning experience because:

  • The size of course intimidates your students.
  • The same document in multiple places takes up space and clutters the course.
  • Large images take forever to load and..
  • Take up valuable visual real estate on handheld devices.
  • The more items in your course and LMS, the slower it operates.

Keeping these things in mind there are steps you can take to manage your online courses so they don’t become overwhelming, unnavigable, burdensome and out of control.

Step 1: Keep your course organized.

One of the easiest ways to think about your online course’s health and well being is to keep it organized. Traditionally when we think about our courses being held in an LMS, we think of our course as having large containers…

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