e-learning portfolio

escalation intro


Slips, Trips & falls Health & Safety Module

Soundcheck ELH 112

Text entry with Motion Path

Libre Office Navigator

software training You Tube


what is Haz


motherboar elh #113

non human characters in elearning

fibonacci screenshot

Fibonacci Jigsaw

De-escalation skills for hospital staff

Learn to spot a fake I.D.

cinemagraph still

Cinemagraph example

ladder game snapshot

Health & safety ladder game

splash no name

My Html5 intro splash screen

click to view you tube

infographic powerpoint/impress elearning



2 thoughts on “e-learning portfolio

  1. Hey ostraining! I am curious about your Fibonacci challenge…I used to be a middle school math teacher–could you send me yours? I’d like to check it out 🙂

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