Visual communication Elearning Heroes challenge #77

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This morsel of a post was inspired by Articulate’s excellent weekly e-learning challenge #77 which was to communicate using visuals only, no words allowed. Accepting the challenge, I quickly decided I could utilise something from the most popular visual communication; art. Inspiration for the actual finished sample came from a popular t.v. game show ‘Catchphrase’ which uses visuals to convey information and the famous Dutch painter, Van Gogh, whose surname I could spell out using two visuals. Universally Understood In order for this type of information to be effective there has to be a level of understanding of the image being used. If you don’t know what a speed sign looks like, you’ll never know what the maximum speed is, for example. This is why I choose these examples, art is a universally understood communication and Van Gogh is one of the most famous painters’ whose work is easily recognised. The slides The intro slide practically worked itself out. I decided a simple Drag and Drop interaction would aid engagement and ‘buy in’ to the art theme. And the completion of a word using letters and an image would give the learner a quick reward challenge, which always increases engagement. intro screen The second slide would see the quiz factor cranked up, turning into a fun art quiz without words. Can you see a famous painter’s surname in the image below? Capture for blog Hope you liked what you saw and get inspired to visualise more for your next project.

e-learning ‘What type of leader are you?’

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Course Link here:

During the 30 day trial I created 3 sample courses. This one is a branching exercise from a infographic that I found at

How the course was created

From this infographic I visualized a clean course theme with a limited colour palette to aid navigation, a mobile phone setting for the course information to add relevancy, and a image thought bubble to help visualize the question. And layout was


The phone and thought bubble were edited by me using  Gimp with the background being removed from the hand and phone image and the cloud colouring removed and sky coloured white to create a fill effect once the question image was placed.

Impressed with Prezi


As an Open Source Software champion I use Impress for my presentations but recently have tried Prezi’s online offerings and have got to say I am more than impressed even with my 1st attempt. Anyone else had the same 1st impression? See the link below to view my 1st attempt. Feedback more than welcome.