Gimp meets a team of Orthodontists

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A while ago I created and delivered a photo editing course for a team of orthodontists. Strange you may ask why they would want to learn the fine arts of photo manipulation. And so did I until they filled (excuse the intended pun!) me in.

It turns out that they had the clever idea of showing their clients what their teeth would look like after any treatment was done, before it was done! And moreover they didn’t want to pay Adobe’s rather large costs for Photoshop licenses for several of their team.

Open Source (Gimp) to the rescue!

They also had done their homework and realised that Gimp would do all and more of what they wanted. They just needed some expertise to show them how. Every time I use Gimp I get a little buzz from knowing this marvellous piece of Open Source is available to all. Getting to know how to use it is the fun part.

The finished product

Have a look  below of how I designed the course and how easy and fun it is to use Gimp

Broken Tooth Path Tool first jpeg



bespoke artwork in elearning

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In this post I hope to create a discussion around unique artwork/ images in elearning. Have you ever done numerous (and often fruitless) searches through stock catalogues? Then had to ‘make do’ with alternative images that changed your storyboard from what you initially conceived? Most instructional designers are creative thinkers and multi taskers, but are they artists? Looking at most of the course samples on the excellent e-learning heroes website the majority are proficient in powerpoint graphics but not many contain unique/ bespoke artwork. (see below)

point people



But why not get exactly what you want? Here at Opensoft Training we can provide unique artwork to suit your needs. Meet Nora,(see below) the shopkeeper from our latest elearning course for a local business forum. Try bespoke artwork for your next elearning course

woman n till only vegas white

Libre Office Writer my top 5 shortcuts

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Open Source IT trainers

Open Source IT trainers

This is the first of a series of Libre Office shortcuts to help you work smarter not harder. I’ll start it off with Writer.

  1.  F5 – Opens the wonderful Navigator this handy search tool is essential when editing a multi-page document. My favourite Writer tool.
  2.  F11 – Opens Styles & Formatting this powerful tool will have your document looking ship shape in no time. You can define your preferred fonts, headings etc and save them for your next work saving you oodles of time.
  3.  Move Text- Rather than using the traditional copy & paste try using select text, holding down the Ctrl key then drag your text to its new home.
  4.  Quickly delete text- If like me you’re not a proficient typist or maybe you need to quickly replace what you’ve just typed. Here’s a quick solution Ctrl+Shift+Del will delete the text unto the end of the sentence.
  5.  F2 – Formula bar. This hidden gem is a handy way to quickly insert calculations into your document and can handle Sum, Percentages, Sq Root and Statistics to name a few.