The e-learning developer’s toolbox: Working with Characters


I keep seeing e-learning that, to me, is developed on auto-pilot;  text on one side, stock image on the other and yes a next button.  I think the average learner now knows the drill and the learner then goes into auto-pilot, glossing over the content. Learner’s deserve more than this and in the media rich world we love in they’re used to rich content.


Because Captivate now comes with the awesome built in E-learning Brothers stock image catalog it’s never been easier to speed-up the authoring process (and saves countless time in searching). But you can take this a step further,  think about the scenario/ slide, for example, your character lives and how they should look.

Example: For this medical sample. I had two stock characters (full length, color) but just pasting them onto the slide wasn’t the look I wanted. To make the scenario more engaging and have a unique style

I put the nurse into a ‘ out of shot’ type box(this also saved valuable slide space.)

I stylized the patient to make her ‘pop off the slide’and have her reactions seem more exaggerated.

How I did it:

  1. select image in PowerPoint
  2. Click on Format tab
  3. Click Picture effects
  4. Choose one that fits your character style/ design

Here’s a link to the sample:

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