Captivate 2019 and cool clients!



This one goes out to..

When STIPE an R.E.M. covers band wanted a promo module creating I was cock-a-hoop. Mixing my two passions e-learning dev and music, I was on cloud nine! So a big shout out to STIPE (check them out at STIPE ) I’ve seen them live..they’re good!

Captivate 2019

I’ve been testing the latest version at Adobe’s invitation and this is a great leap forward, lot’s of new features that are easy to use (going against the ‘steep learning curve’ reputation some unfairly give Captivate.


I showed STIPE a module I’d done for a Elearning heroes challenge (a blind music challenge where a You Tube is hidden behind a record vinyl image and the listener selects if it’s Adele or a cover check it out here

Soundcheck ELH 112

They liked it and wanted one!! So far so good..when

Browser updates!

First I.D. obstacle: The above sample uses Captivate’s widget auto-play feature since then all the major browsers don’t allow this. Doh!

This required a redesign thankfully Captivates plethora of features makes this easy. Here’s the quick and easy process I used

  1.  I downloaded the audio only from You Tube
  2. Trimmed the audio in Captivate and inserted into a text box
  3. Created two answer buttons and aligned them horizontally with a little padding
  4. Embedded an image in the intro screen.

Check out the module here (Designed for Iphone 6/7/8)


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