Food Safety..Murder Mystery (e-learning sample)


Reward in e-learning

Lots has been said about gamification etc in learning. I’ll leave that here, but I’d like to add that ‘carrot and stick’ is as old as the hills and that is what I’ve done in this module so far. You answer a question correctly you get a Michelin-type star; if not you lose a star.

The setting

A murder mystery seemed to fit well with a food handling module and puts the learner in a ‘prove your innocence’ to the detective situation.

Multi – States

With this sample I wanted to use Captivate’s handy multi- state feature (which I first encountered using Articulate). I’ve used this feature to change to change the numbers of ‘Michelin’ stars the user earns by correctly answering or lose by answering incorrectly.

I created  three images (one star, two stars, three stars)

Check out the sample here

Note: only the top right room (kitchen) has questions in, in this sample)

Murder Mystery

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