Improve your workflow on Software Simulations


In Adobe Captivate you get 4 options when creating software simulations

capt sim options

Demo / Assessment / Training / Custom

Scenario: You want to create a demo and training simulation. All good so far, but, the conventional Adobe workflow is to create separate files, and this is where you can improve your and your users workflow.

Click of Death

We’ve all been there click after click after..RSI

Is what you’ll most likely end up with if you have to edit and publish two captivate files and then onced published the user has to open close the demo AND open close the training. Why!!

Create one file

Here’s my solution:

  1. Create the training simulation and edit to your hearts content
  2. Then create a video demo slide inside the training file (Insert button/ Video Demo)
  3. Less publishing, less clicking, all in one place.

Take a look at my example:

demo and training


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