Adobe Captivate’s Delay next action

adobe, captivate, elearning

I’m always on the looking to improve my developing skills and the ‘delay next action’ seemed a good one to learn. I’m currently developing a Food Safety course and I wanted to add audio to a warehouse roller shutter door for the food delivery module.

food safety capture

Converting You Tube to Audio

There’s a handy site that converts You Tubes to MP4 and I found just the sound I needed.

I added the sound to a button (that jumped to the next slide), so far so good. But soon realised that the button’s action superceded playing the sound of the shutter.

I had a problem to solve

So this was my chance to use the ‘delay next action’ command. All I had to do was place the command in between the play audio and jump to slide commands (see image)

delay actions food safety

and Voila! the audio is played on clicking the button but plays the sound first before jumping to the next slide.

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