Adapt e-learning Authoring Tool sample

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The British and Tea

I’ve set myself a challenge to update my portfolio and this is a fully responsive sample

(i.e. can be viewed on desktop/ tablet or any phone)

which has a lot going on in the background with theming and coding.

View the sample here: Responsive Tea sample

Adapt Authoring tool

I’ve always been a champion of Open Source software (Libre Office and Gimp) so using Adapt to create e-learning is a perfect fit, for me. I’ve learned to code in HTML and less to create this sample.

Sample Features

This sample has quite a bit going on ‘behind the scenes’, there’s

  • Colour- coded sections (alternate to create a theme look)
  • Hyper-link to take you to the quiz page
  • color coded text – coded in the custom section using LESS
  • Menu-header image-  This may seem straight-forward in some authoring tools, but in Adapt it requires a certain amount of code (see below)

Custom Less coding

Adapt’s authoring tool has a handy Custom LESS/ CSS section, this allows you to change code from within. This is handy for creating themes changing background colours and fonts.

Below are screenshots of the coding I did for this sample.

Fully reponsive

Adapt is a great way to create content quickly and is fully responsive.

less full screen

I’ve had to learn quite a bit to get this far. (Adapt has a steep learning curve) But it’s worth it when you see the fully-responsive output

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