Portfolio addition ‘Cyber Bullying’


Time for an update.

I’ve recently renewed my subscription to Adobe Captivate 2017, which led my to thinking about updating my e-learning portfolio. So in the coming months I’m going to post  a heap of new modules showcasing what I can do with Captivate (along with other tools needed for developing effective e-learning.).

Timing is of the essence (no cognitive overload here.)

I was looking for a short but interesting topic I could start with and Cyber bullying fitted the bill. Rather than bombard the learner with information and overload them, I wanted a nice steady flow of content with an appropriate visual element to back it up and make it appealing.

Voice over and embedding audio

Just to add a little media element to the module I decided to have a voice over and have audio attached to some of the images (a handy feature in Captivate.)

It’s short and sweet but hopefully you can take something away from it.

intro module

Intro module


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