Part 2:Instructional design for good

creative commons, elearning, instructional design, mooc


I don’t need no…(spot the film reference), actually I do need one after I’ve completed this course and a certificate of recognition from Designers for Learning.

But I’m not there yet there’s 7 modules to get through first.

The more I read about why this course is being run and its outcomes (basically 30 milllion U.S. adults don’t have high school credentials and only 2 million are supported) the more I want to complete it.

Plus it’s an Instructional Design itch I have to scratch!


In this case it goes on the the Designers for Learning Adult Learning Zone group on the OER commons platform

Background to why the course is being run

The course gives a good grounded explanation as to why there is a need for this course which is backed-up by facts using tables and infographics.

This helps me get a good feel of how the course should be pitched and the learner skill level.

Not alone

There’s a nice social feel to this course with encouragement to share thoughts and ideas via social media and through the canvas network. I might even try a web cam next time!

Coming soon

Part 3: Module 1 . Let’s get started

Keep watching




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