bespoke artwork in elearning

elearning, software

In this post I hope to create a discussion around unique artwork/ images in elearning. Have you ever done numerous (and often fruitless) searches through stock catalogues? Then had to ‘make do’ with alternative images that changed your storyboard from what you initially conceived? Most instructional designers are creative thinkers and multi taskers, but are they artists? Looking at most of the course samples on the excellent e-learning heroes website the majority are proficient in powerpoint graphics but not many contain unique/ bespoke artwork. (see below)

point people



But why not get exactly what you want? Here at Opensoft Training we can provide unique artwork to suit your needs. Meet Nora,(see below) the shopkeeper from our latest elearning course for a local business forum. Try bespoke artwork for your next elearning course

woman n till only vegas white

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