Effects and Advanced Action in Adobe Captivate

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This morsel of a post came about when I was creating a E-learning Heroes challenge (Help learners polish their grammar #75). I wanted to visualise a sentence to help the learner understand the power a comma can have on its meaning.

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To enhance the learning experience I wanted to play a sound and move a graphic simultaneously.(Move the fly and play a fly buzz). I needed to create an advanced action that played the audio and ran the motion path effect. Here’s how you do it.

To accomplish this you:

  1.  Create the motion path: Select the object/ Right-click/ select Apply Effect/Add Effect/ choose your effect and save the xml file.
  2.  Create the Advanced Action: If you’re new to Advanced Actions have a look at https://helpx.adobe.com/captivate/using/advanced-actions.html
  3.  Insert the effect in Advanced Action: In Action choose Apply Effect/ choose the object with the motion path/ on the drop down Select Effect menu choose Custom/ now select your saved XML motion path.
  4. Save the Advanced Action and insert into your chosen object

adv act cap

Here’s what my sample looks like: (Click on image to launch)

Advanced Action sample

Advanced Action sample


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